Habit Cycle Worksheet

The Habit Cycle Worksheet is a powerful tool designed to help individuals break bad habits and build new ones.

It works by assisting individuals

  • to create an alternate habit cycle,
  • effectively replacing the old habit with a new one.

This worksheet is structured so users can

  • identify their current habit cycle and
  • develop a suitable alternate one.

If you have not already, get "The Science of Habits: Why We Do What We Do and How To Change It?" from Amazon in various formats.

Chapter 5 explains the Habit Cycle and how to use the Habit Cycle Worksheet to analyze and change bad habits.

Habit Cycle Worksheet

It guides users in defining their goals and identifying triggers, cravings, actions, and rewards that help them build habits. Then, it allows them to develop an alternate habit cycle to build new healthy habits and reinforce those new habits until they become automatic.

Habit Cycle Worksheet

This worksheet is an excellent tool for those who are committed to making lasting changes in their life and have struggled with breaking free from bad habits in the past.

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